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Company Update November/December 2015

2015 has seen Katrina Lazaroff busy performing in Patch Theatre's work 'The Moon's A Balloon'. Seasons at IPAY Philadelphia USA, Bathurst NSW, Odeon Theatre SA, a tour of Regional SA and soon to be in Hong Kong in December. Extensive performing and touring with Patch Theatre over the past few years has inspired Lazaroff to get back on the stage as a dancer and Friday 6th Nov saw her perform in a creative development of her own work as part of Australian Dance Theatre's Rough Draft Program (see below)!

See New Work by Katrina Lazaroff on the Australian Dance Theatre Youth Ensemble

Work Title 'QUIRK'

Friday 27th November 2015

Victoria Square, Adelaide  6.30pm - 7.30pm

See new works in development at Australian Dance Theatre's Rough Draft Friday 6th Nov.

Katrina will present two short new works at Rough Draft alongside of a number of other SA independent choreographers and works by ADT dancers.

‘FROM THE LOVE’ is a new work by Katrina Lazaroff in collaboration with Veronica Shum, Sascha Budimski and outside eye Dave Brown. 

The inspiration for making this work came from the idea of making something for the  ‘joy’ and the ‘love’ of it… taking of the pressure off making something deeply conceptual, intellectual or serious. 'I have always wanted to make a work exploring my Bulgarian heritage and have wondered how and why I would do this. I have also wanted to record my beautiful grandmother’s voice speaking in Bulgarian and somehow incorporate this into a work. She has told me stories of her love for music and dance as a young person and I felt strength in our connection to somehow draw these things together. Furthermore, Veronica and Sascha also have Eastern Eurpoean background and I’ve wanted to explore this link in some way. …..So, this is the beginning of a new idea!' KL

Concept & Direction: Katrina Lazaroff
Collaborative choreographers/performers; Veronica Shum and Katrina Lazaroff
Sound Design: Sascha Budimski
Voice Overs: Christina Lazaroff & Naomi Horvath
Outside Eye/Process Documentation: Dave Brown

‘QUIRK’ is a new work by Katrina Lazaroff choreographed in collaboration with the ADT Youth Ensemble.

'Our process has involved asking questions about what is quirky, weird and obscure and also what is considered ‘normal’. I asked the dancers what it is about them they think is ‘normal’ and what it is about them that they think is ‘strange or weird’. Most people came up with the fact that they show their strangeness or quirkiness more often in their private spaces rather than in public or social spaces. The work has become a vehicle to show the contrast between ‘expressionless normality’ verses ‘extreme expression’ of a more quirky nature.' KL

Choreography/Direction/Music Selection: Katrina Lazaroff

Illuminate Season 2015

Four new dance works will premiere in Illuminate 2015 at 7.30pm Friday 22 & Saturday 23 May at Marion Cultural Centre!

Illuminate, presented by Move Through Life dance Company, have commissioned a new dance theatre work titled VULNER able by choreographer Katrina Lazaroff of One Point 618. 

The program will also include 3 new works by 2 of Move Through Life's emerging choreographers Kirsty Duncan and Rodney Cuthbertson.

VULNER able, by Katrina Lazaroff

'We are generally taught that to be successful in life we need to be strong and confident and that showing our vulnerabilities is to be weak. ‘VULNER able’ explores the ways we hide our fears and put up masks to cover up how we really feel to appear ‘ok’, ‘strong’ and ‘together’! The irony is that it takes more courage show our vulnerabilities and to be true to who we really are!' Katrina Lazaroff

Tickets available at:http://www.trybooking.com/HNRH

More Info: http://www.movethroughlife.org.au/portfolio-item/illuminate-2015-2/What a great start to the year!

Come Out Children's Festival 2015

Katrina Lazaroff has also been commissioned by the Adelaide Festival Centre to create a work on young performers from Blackwood High School for the 2015 Come Out Festival! The work is titled: Moving Art in a Boulevard of Peace.

Outdoor Performances:
May 27th: 10am & 12pm, 28th: 12pm & 29th: 10am & 12pm at the Adelaide Festival Centre on the entrance of the new bridge across the River Torrens to the football stadium!

For more information on AFC's Come Out Program follow the link:

Company Update February 2015

In January, AD Katrina Lazaroff set off for a very inspiring tour to IPAY in Philadelphia performing with Patch Theatre Company, then head off for an inspiring trip to New York!

Since her return One Point 618 have performed SKIP at the Art Gallery of SA as part of START at the Gallery's International Fashion Icons Exhibition!

This was followed by the remount and performance of the very awesome QUICK FIX which is going onto tour this month throughout metropolitan Adelaide!

Congratulations to Rebecca Bainger & Andrew Haycroft for their amazing performances in these works!

In March One Point 618 will remount a segment of WASTED, Lazaroff's work in development, to be performed in the Dance Massive Festival's Open Studio's Program in Melbourne!

Performers Andrew Haycroft and Alexandra Knox will join Lazaroff, performing a duo from WASTED to Dance Massive delegates and GP for feedback and discussion.

Performance Details: March 18th, at The Malthouse Theatre's Bagging Room, Melbourne, 1.45pm - 2.45pm. Watch out for the Open Studios Program launch for booking details.


Katrina Lazaroff & One Point 618 will be collaborating on a new project later in the year with amazing artist Paul Blackman! Watch this space for more information! Read all about Paul and follow his web links below!



Performance Showings of 'WASTED'

WASTED Creative Development Showings as part of the Adelaide Festival Centre's inSPACE Development Program in Rehearsal Room #2.

Date: October 24th 2014

Times: 4pm & 7pm

Bookings Essential: http://www.adelaidefestivalcentre.com.au/inspace/wasted/


Performances of  'INVOLUNTARY' in SA & VICTORIA

One Point 618 has embarked on the second tour of INVOLUNTARY since its premiere in 2012 at the Adelaide Festival Centre!


Watch four amazing dancers interpret the emotion, inherent comedy and impact of bureaucracy and technological change, presenting an ironic realisation of the struggles everyone with a password will understand. Reclaim your ticket back to reality!

Choreographer/Director: Katrina Lazaroff
Projection & Lighting Design: Nic Mollison
Sound Design: Sascha Budimski

Performers: Andrew Haycroft, Veronica Shum, Jessica Statton & Ben Stuart-Carberry
Production/Tour Manager: Craig Clifford                     

Photos by: Sam Oster

The tour will begin in Adelaide at the Marion Cultural Centre, so Adelaide folk if you missed the premiere you have a chance to see it again before it travels on to Regional Victoria!

Tour Dates:

Marion Cultural Centre (SA) - August 1st

Phone bookings: with Visa or Mastercard on (08) 8375 6855. Tickets are $30 full price, $25 concession. www.marionculturalcentre.com.au     

Wangarratta Performing Arts Centre - August 5th          


Shepparton, Riverlinks Eastbank Centre - August 7th


Hamilton Performing Arts Centre - August 9th


Portland Performing Arts Centre - August 11th


We hope to see you there!!!

One Point618 VIP Company Party/Fundraiser - Postponed! Watch this space for more details!

We would love to let you know about our exciting up and coming event where you can enjoy a night of food, wine & entertainment hosted by Tomich Wines!

This VIP Company Party/Fundraiser will include:

    •    A selection of Tomich Wines & Delicious Nibbles provided
    •    A performance by the wonderful One Point 618 company dancers
    •    A company update from the Artistic Director, Katrina Lazaroff
    •    Meet the One Point 618 Company Dancers
    •    Raffles on sale and drawn (including the Tomich Wines Premium Mixed Dozen)

Tickets are purchased at the door but we have limited capacity so...BOOKINGS ARE ADVISED!

Venue: Tomich Wines Cellar Door. 87 King William Road, Unley, SA.
Date: 26th July 2014
Time: 6pm - 9pm
Tickets: $30.00

Please RSVP by July 21st to:


or text 0406991330


Love the One Point team!

New Works:


Our new 40 minute dance theatre work for teens and young adults has just been launched! We have recently returned from a tour to schools in the Mid-Murray Region of South Australia and the work was VERY WELL RECEIVED! It is NOW AVAILABLE for school bookings!


WASTED is being developed as part of the Adelaide Festival Centre's inSPACE Program and the Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts Residency Program.

Adelaide inSPACE February 10 - 14

Perth PICA May 26 - June 6

Adelaide inSPACE October 6 - 24


Please follow this link to pledge your support!


Work in Repetoire:


Marion Cultural Centre August 1

Wangarratta Performing Arts Centre, August 5

Eastbank Centre Shepparton, August 7

Hamilton Performing Arts Centre, August 9

Portland Arts Centre, August 11


Performance & Workshop Package

Available in schools - BOOK NOW!

Please see QUICK FIX on the 'Productions' page

All inquiries: 0406 991 330


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