Wasted - Work in development


WASTED is a dance theatre work IN DEVELOPMENT by Katrina Lazaroff. See videos below.

WASTED explores the idea of wasted human potential and draws parallels between physical and mental waste. It is inspired by Lazaroff's fascination with human psychology and how environmental factors and social constructs impact on our psyche and the way we direct our lives.

The first stage development was held at Australian Dance Theatre's studios as part of their 2013 Enhancement Program. Performers: Ninian Donald, Ben Stuart-Carberry, Fiona Gardner, Alexandra Knox and Andrew Haycroft. See footage below.

The second stage development occurred  over 1 week at the Adelaide Festival Centre's rehearsal room as part of the 2014 inSPACE development program. Performers: Lanie Mason, Ben Stuart-Carberry, Alexandra Knox and Fiona Gardner. See Footage below.

The third stage development occurred in June 2014 at the Perth Institute of Contemporary Art (PICA). Performers: Rebecca Bainger, Andrew Haycroft, Mariana Paraizo and Ben Stuart-Carberry. See footage below.

The fourth development occurred at the Adelaide Festival Centre's Rehearsal room as part of the inSPACE Development Program in October 2014. No footage available.

In 2015 WASTED was selected to be part of the DANCE MASSIVE Festival's Open Studio Program at the Malthouse Bagging Room, Melbourne.

Wasted Creative Development - 10 min short PICA 2014 from Katrina Lazaroff OnePoint 618 on Vimeo.

WASTED First Stage Creative Development by Katrina Lazaroff of One Point 618 from Katrina Lazaroff OnePoint 618 on Vimeo.

The inspiration for this work  came from a work titled 'Life as a Toilet' created by Katrina Lazaroff with the 2nd year dancers, tech and production students at Adelaide College of the Arts July - September 2012