Pomona Road


An Australian family rebuild their lives after their home is destroyed by bushfire. Through dance Pomona Road explores the universal story of family and investigates the experience of loss, hardship and the joy of recovery. Combining mediums of contemporary dance, theatre, innovative visual and sound design, Pomona Road refers to the devastating event of the Ash Wednesday bush fires in 1980 referencing the personal account the fire had on the choreographers own family. Incorporating recorded interviews from family and community members affected by bushfire, the work links audiences to personal experiences dealing with trauma, loss of identity and having to start again. It explores how hardship can bring families and communities together and re-define important social and interpersonal values.
Pomona Road premiered in the 2010 inSPACE program at The Adelaide Festival Centre.

Nominated and Shortlisted for a 2011 Australian Dance Award
for 'Outstanding Achievement in Independent Dance'

Artistic Staff

Katrina Lazaroff – Choreographer/Director/Producer
Sound Design – Sascha Budimski
Lighting and Video Design – Nic Mollison
Set Design – Richard Seidel and Kerry Reid
Dramaturg – Catherine Fitzgerald
Performers – Carol Wellman Kelly, Peter Sheedy, Veronica Shum, Emma Stokes and Zac Jones
Interviewed Bushfire Victims – Nick Lazaroff, Stena Lazaroff, Margie Hann Syme, Trevor Syme, Chris Lazaroff
Filmed by– Closer Productions

video/You Tube link 'Pomona Road'(Onepoint618Dance)


'Pomona Road' Premiere @ The Adelaide Festival Centre's Space Theatre in the inSPACE Program April 2010

'Pomona Road Creative Developments @ Rehearsal Room 2, Adelaide Festival Centre in the inSPACE:development Program 2008 & 2009

'Pomona Road pt 2' @ The Blueroom Theatre, Perth May 2007

Technical Specifications

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'Pomona Road'

'Sparks fly theatrically and emotionally in Katrina Lazaroff's moving Pomona Road, a cross-artform piece based in dance that takes a penetrating look at the impact of tragedy on the lives of survivors of a disaster. Her exploration of emotions and relationships is profoundly insightful and strikes a many resonant chord.' PETER BURDON The Advertiser

'Lazaroff creates a remarkable sense of documentary that grabs you with the winsome then intense theatricality it is delivered in. ….Lazaroff has smartly integrated non-dance moves and contemporary moves in a fashion making the family's journey from peaceful bush life to dealing with the emotional aftermath of trauma so crystal clear. The genius of Lazaroff's work comes through clearly in how a simple word from a voice over segment, a dancer's shrug, a group movement of the ensemble and projected vision can so powerfully inform an audience emotionally and factually at the same time….. 'Pomona Road' is unquestionably one of the most beautiful, engagingly clear, innovative new works of the year'. David Obrien DB Magazine

Pomona Road's strength lies in the quality and integration of its elements. Choreography that keeps the dancers in almost constant motion captures a sense of particles moving. Lazaroff deploys her dancers in dissolving and reforming constellations marking out relationships and alliances. Jemima Kemp RealTime Magazine

'I found this production compelling, drawing together dance and a range of theatrical elements to provide an engaging and thought-provoking experience. Lazaroff has analysed her family's responses to the bush fires and succeeded in communicating a personal story, as well as aspects of the human condition to those of us who can only imagine the trauma of such an experience. …Pomona Road demonstrates that Lazaroff has an astute sense of how dance theatre can be a powerful form for speaking to diverse audience members. This was apparent both directly after the performance, from the audience, but also after some months when a number of people spoke with me about the strong impact of the work which was memorable and had engaged them emotionally and intellectually. Jeff Meiners Lecturer Uni of SA/Arts SA Panel Member

This work gives us an insight into these possibilities through Lazaroff's own experiences, those of her family and of members of the community around them.This is a finely crafted work that will move you and leave you remembering what you have seen long after. Do not miss it'. BARRY LENNY, Glam Adelaide Arts Editor.

'THE sight of Peter Sheedy standing as though enveloped in flames will stay with me for a long time. That image is central to this compelling work,' ALAN BRISSENDEN The Australia