Do you miss face-to-face communication? Want a real person on the end of the line? Have you laughed at the state of risk management and public liability restrictions these days?

'Involuntary' is the ironic realisation of the struggles everyone with a password will understand. Reclaim your ticket back to reality! 

Our lives are becoming so busy and preoccupied by the pressures of life, we often avoid questioning the implications of our lifestyle choices and social behaviour as we operate in a society often driven by litigious superficiality and hypocrisy.

Watch these amazing dancers interpret the emotion, the inherent comedy and the impact of bureaucracy and technological change by giving you permission to laugh at yourself and everyone around you for 'virtually' loosing their minds.

World Premiere - Adelaide Festival Centre, Space Theatre May 2012

Artistic Team

Choreographer/Director - Katrina Lazaroff

Performers –  Ninian Donald, Jessica Statton, Tim Rodgers & Veronica Shum

Video Projection/Lighting - Nic Mollison

Sound Design - Sascha Budimski

Set Design - Nic Mollison, Richard Seidel & Katrina Lazaroff

Theatre Consultants:  Catherine Fitzgerald, Roz Hervey & Richard Seidel  


 World Premiere – Adelaide Festival Centre

1 - 5 May 2012

Space Theatre

Kumuwuki / Big Wave Regional Arts Australia's National Conference

Opening Festival Performance

Centenary Hall, Goolwa, SA

18 & 19 OCT, 2012

Marion Cultural Centre, Domain Theatre 2014

Shepparton, Eastbank Centre, 2014

Wangaratta Performing Arts Centre, 2014

Portland Arts Centre, 2014

Hamilton Performing Arts Centre, 2014


‘Lazaroff and her vivacious cast involve the audience in this entertaining and provocative dance theatre work, so be prepared.’ - ALAN BRISSENDEN The Australian

‘This is a terrifically engaging and well-crafted work that would play well to a range of audiences, and following on from the excellent Pomona Road of 2010, shows that Lazaroff is growing in confidence and range as a theatrical creator. She will be one to watch….. It’s a funny yet serious ending that poses big questions about privacy and intimacy in a world dominated by the dissemination of visual images of every intimate encounter’. - MAGGIE TONKIN Dance Australia

'The great appeal in Lazaroff's work lies in the humour that informs each performance and her determination that the dancers appear as regular people'. - ANNE THOMPSON Real Time Magazine

‘Versatile choreographer Katrina Lazaroff is unafraid of traversing art forms in her works. Involuntary runs the gamut from dance and physical theatre to drama, with a good deal of fun and down right slapstick thrown in for good measure.’ - PETER BURDON The Advertiser

‘It isn’t often that solid contemporary dance adapts a lighter, comedic spin. Involuntary does just that, in effortless style…..A realisation of 21st century complexities, Involuntary will make you think (and laugh) at all the automatic and unconscious behaviour we engage in, but more fittingly the simplistic nature of the beautiful ending scene is a reminder of the simple pleasures of real human contact’. - JULIA GEORGE Kryztoff 

'Lazaroff pulls no punches whatsoever. Her choreography is meticulous in its detail' - DAVID O'BRIEN DB Magazine

‘Lazaroff’s work is genuinely funny. She has the audience laughing as a collective before we’ve even seen a single dance member, and she holds us comfortably for the rest of the show. The work is comfortable in a familiarity, and pulls on an experience and a want of the audience to question itself, and to laugh at itself….This comedy is undoubtedly a strength and the heart of Involuntary, and to find such humour is wonderful. This humour often comes from interstitial scenes between the group dancer performances, but the most gratifying pieces of the work often comes out in the dance’.

Creative Development - inSPACE:Development, Adelaide Festival Centre,  2011

Creative Development - Choreolab Ausdance SA, Main Theatre AC Arts,  2010