Aged Care & Seniors Classes

Dance Fitness Classes for Seniors

…providing an exercise regime to bring 'life, love & laughter' into retirement villages & aged care facilities!

….whether this is dancing or watching other people dancing, moving to the music or even just tapping toes to the beat, these classes provide a form of creative release that translates into a feeling of well being; helping to encourage the mature person to lead a more fulfilled and socially interactive life.

What will participants experience?

- Low impact movement to music
- A combination of creative dance & yoga moves
- Appreciation of different music styles & rhythm
- Fun & laughter while exercising
- Development of self-expression & creativity

Class Details

- Weekly 45minute/1 hour dance classes
- Classes tailored to meet different needs
  regardless of age, stage or ability
- Classes combine participants working
  from seats or standing


- Improvement of physical, social and emotional wellbeing
- Development of mobility, fitness, flexibility, strength & balance
- Positive impact on both physical and mental health
- Unify as a group, experience togetherness and form new friendships
- Gain energy & positivity
- Develop self-esteem and self-worth  
- Recover from injury or illness


- Men & women of all physicality's. 65+yrs

Target Groups

- Retirement Villages (Happy Hour)
- Aged Care Facilities

Principle Teacher Katrina Lazaroff - Qualifications/Experience

- 20 years dance & movement teaching experience
- BA Dance/Performing Arts, University of Adelaide
- Honours Dance/Performing Arts, Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts
- Yoga Teacher Trained @ Shantarasa Institute of Yoga
- 15 years National & International Travel with educational dance & theatre companies


Katrina Lazaroff, m: 0406991330, e:


$90 - $120 per session depending on travel time & if preparation of venue is required.

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